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About Me

Welcome to Total Tranquility Healing & Massage. My name is Robert Pruett, and I am a practitioner of massage and energy therapy based in the Tempe, Arizona area. I love what I do. Every day is a new opportunity to help my clients heal, and it is an honor to serve in that capacity.

Every energetic or bodywork session is specially tailored to meet your needs. I am trained and experienced in the use of many systems of massage and energy healing, and am ready to build a customized plan to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. My unique intake process helps identify your trouble areas, and through the course of therapy I will work with you to isolate causes of pain or discomfort—things like poor posture—and teach you preventive maintenance techniques.

Robert Pruett

Beyond the Crowd

Most massage therapy and spa settings are crowded, with small rooms and minimal privacy. When you make an appointment with Total Tranquility Healing & Massage, you are assured a safe and private environment in which you can truly relax. Unless you're making a special arrangement, you will be the only client present.

In addition to offering a private setting, Total Tranquility Healing & Massage ensures that you are entering a safe, tranquil space. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I know the importance of energetically cleansing both myself and my working space prior to any bodywork or healing. This helps you achieve the most from every therapy session, and gives you a space in which you can truly let go of any mental, physical, or emotional tension.


If you can't make it to Total Tranquility Healing & Massage, or if you would prefer the convenience of your own home, I am available for house calls within the East Valley (Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler). If you are outside that area please contact me to make arrangements.